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Waking from a Dream
© Copyright 2011 Richard Vizzutti.
All rights reserved

54,328 words

Waking from a Dream was written for the purpose of raising people's consciousness and expanding their awareness of who they really are inside this illusion we call, reality. This book endeavours to free people's minds of the negative mind enslavement given to us by the New World Order media. Waking from a Dream seeks to empower, and encourage its readers to believe in themselves, and refuse to live as victims of a world gone mad. Waking from a Dream is a fast-paced fictional style. –author


Thomas Holden was an average young man who worked hard at the Saturn bar that he managed. He was unaffected by the world around him as he led a static life that gave him a comfort zone of security. He and his three friends would often gather at the bar having a good time together while small talking about the world.

Even when Thomas felt comfortable with life, he still felt a deep feeling from within that there was something truly wrong with the world. Then one day without warning, Thomas’ life unravelled to the core as he began a spiritual journey of questioning. With questions such as why are we here, who are, and the origin of evil, Thomas was ready to enter the looking glass.

However, little did he know how deep the Rabbit hole would take him, nor would he ever be the same again!


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