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Waking from a Dream
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Non Fiction
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The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.
–Vanilla Sky the movie.

The title of this book is the Rise and Fall of the Archons that contains the Rise of the Archons which is sour, followed by the Fall of the Archons which is sweet. This book is not meant to be about doom and gloom, but rather of hope and freedom in knowing who we really are and the true power we have within us.

My desire for this book is to not to "wake people up," but rather to get people to think. This book will explore root of evil as well as a path of truth that was completely erased from history and replaced with intuitions of power along with the rewriting of history. Also added to this agenda was the enforcement of a lockdown on all spiritual and scientific knowledge. I do not claim to have any answers and I am not here to convince anyone of my perspectives. Nevertheless what I wish to do is to spark some thought, reasoning, and common sense in the minds of the reader.

In this book I will explore the root of evil in a philosophical manner. What I share here are perceptions based on personal research and reflection. I am not interested in convincing anyone that my perspective is the only correct one, and for this reason, I am not prepared to list documentation and so-called facts or evidence. I feel that interested readers can do their own follow-up research. Just imagine that we are in a bar all sitting together shooting the breeze. At the end of our visit with each other, you are then afforded the option of saying, hey, that was interesting or, you're so full of it. The choice is yours.

I seek to share my thoughts by demonstrating model theories. Many of my personal models of reality have stood the test of time and have been reinforced with the discovery of newer information. There is one source of information that really holds together well, and I consider it to be very reliable. What I am talking about is Gnosticism which is a mystical, magical, and metaphorical understanding of God which is based on the wisdom traditions. All literalist religions have a foundation of Gnostic knowledge hidden within and kept from followers.

Gnosis means knowledge, and true Gnosticism challenges us to question everything. We must not accept or endorse any authority or power structure without query, and leadership must always be questioned. We are not to be led by anyone except ourselves though the guidance of the divine within. Gnosticism pleads with us not to have a blind faith in God, but rather experience the Divine from within known as the Christ. We are not called to worship a dead Jesus on a cross but rather the living Christ within.

This book challenges everyone to question everything including the basic nature of reality itself. It is for this reason that I explore in this book other topics such as UFOs, parapsychology, Quantum physics, psychopaths, religion, materialism, nature, and so on. This is a book for people that desire to open their minds. I do not make a case for probabilities but rather possibilities.

The early Gnostic Christians never forced doctrines on people or injected fear into the seekers of truth. What they did do was simply offer advice to the world that was meant to be analysed, questioned, and refined for each person's personal journey. Gnostic Christians warned the world in their scriptures (known as the Nag Hammadi codices), that a parasitical alien race of dark entities known as the Archons continually seek to rule over humanity to subjugate us like cattle. They have no real power of their own but are able to lord over us because of our ignorance of who we really are.

Humanity is capable of great and wondrous accomplishments and fully capable of spiritual evolution, whereas the Archons cannot evolve, so the Archonic owners have created for us a snow globe reality filled with endless lies and deception that keeps us confused and imprisoned. The reason we have become victims of malevolent control system is because mankind no longer believes in self, and thus takes no responsibility for their own ignorance. We are taught from birth never to think and only to rely on so-called experts that deceive. The world has always been a society controlled by Archons and their secret societies, but their empire of control is now coming to an end.

This book will contain a narrative that can at times appear to be somewhat disturbing (doom and gloom), but in this book are known ways to overcome this darkness that will be reviewed. This book will outline the root cause of evil in this world and what can be done to defeat it. However, I do not have answers; only opinions and perspectives that you the reader may or may not agree with. I will not focus on so called "evidence" but rather open new worlds of possibilities, so pull up a chair and let us reason together while exercising common sense.

Note: This book is not professionally proof read so therefore may contain minor errors.

54,328 words

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Waking from a Dream was written for the purpose of raising people's consciousness and expanding their awareness of who they really are inside this illusion we call, reality. This book endeavours to free people's minds of the negative mind enslavement given to us by the New World Order media. Waking from a Dream seeks to empower, and encourage its readers to believe in themselves, and refuse to live as victims of a world gone mad. Waking from a Dream is a fast-paced fictional style. –author


Thomas Holden was an average young man who worked hard at the Saturn bar that he managed. He was unaffected by the world around him as he led a static life that gave him a comfort zone of security. He and his three friends would often gather at the bar having a good time together while small talking about the world.

Even when Thomas felt comfortable with life, he still felt a deep feeling from within that there was something truly wrong with the world. Then one day without warning, Thomas’ life unravelled to the core as he began a spiritual journey of questioning. With questions such as why are we here, who are, and the origin of evil, Thomas was ready to enter the looking glass.

However, little did he know how deep the Rabbit hole would take him, nor would he ever be the same again!

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"The Rise and Fall of the Archons is a must read for anyone who is looking to expand their conscious awareness. The book gives an excellent birds eye view of the reality that we collectively experience and few tend to question. This written works dives into topics such as the motives behind religious dogmas of the church, human psychology, exploration into the minds of sociopaths and psychopaths as well as demonstrating how these topics are all interconnected. Richard has put forward a lot of work connecting the dots helping to show the relationships in many different ideas in a very logical, scientific perspective while deeply acknowledging the importance of the human spirit. The book does not only offer the reader an awareness of the existence of darkness inside of man but its origins as well as a solution. I would strongly recommend The Rise and Fall of the Archons to anyone embarking on a journey of spiritual discovery or waking up to the thought that something is not quite right in the world but unsure as to what exactly that is." J.H.


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