Coke Pepsi and Non-Humans
-July 25th 2004-

Well all of us on a hot thirsty day have downed a Coke or Pepsi at some time right? So we are all familiar with these products. Now if I hold up a can of Coke and ask you what it that I am holding up, you would say Coke right? Why is because you can see the label and you know it is Coke. Or is it really Coke? In our society we are so used to brand name recognition, from soft drink companies like Pepsi and Coke that we barely consider the product itself. When we like a certain brand we sometimes stay with it no matter what.

Well what if I behind your back completely poured out the Coke and refilled it with Pepsi. Then I hold it up. Holding up the Coke can I ask you if it Coke or Pepsi and you say Coke. I then tell you that it is not Coke, and in fact it is Pepsi. Well you would then wonder what the heck I was talking about. "Man what is wrong with you? Do you think I can't read the label? Do you think I am stupid?"

Well we all know that Coke and Pepsi come in containers. Did you know that the new age ascended masters refer to humans as "containers." Well as we all know containers can be filled with something. Our human container is called the flesh and it is filled with our soul. Man's spirit if like. So here is a question. If a man's soul leaves his body, does the flesh die. Well yes and no. If the man's spirit leaves the body and another fallen spirit enters, then it becomes like replacing a driver of a car with a new driver.

Now if I have a Coke can and I remove the Coke soft drink from it and refill it with Pepsi, is it still Coke? No it isn't. It may look like Coke on the surface, but inside it's Pepsi. Now if a host body has been taken over by a fallen spirit, is it still human? No it isn't. It may look and act human, but it is in fact a non-human. But to everyone around, all they see is the human surface and cannot see the evil entity within. This is why it is so very hard for people to accept the idea of non-humans among us. They are all around us and act so much like humans. They laugh, they cry, they lust, they function in society, but they are non-humans. This is known in the occult world as Walk-ins.

Now what if I have a can of Coke and I pour a little of it out and replace the rest with Pepsi. Is it still Coke? Well that becomes debatable. In terms of the flesh and demons sharing the flesh with man's spirit, this is known as demonic possession.

Through genetic altering, the dark forces have bred weakness into mankind to a point that the force that binds the soul to the body is very weak at best. This allows it to be severed very easily with illness and great emotional stress. At this point it is very easy to for a a fallen spirit to take over the body. This is known as picking carrots. In the world of the new age movement, many make a agreement of exchange, and then the transfer takes place. At this point the person gets a rude dose of reality when they find themselves burning in hell.

Because people only see the surface of a person, it is very hard for them to accept the fact that that person may have a Reptilian spirit within. A Reptilian spirit is different than the demons because their spirit can alter the flesh to physically take the shape of the inner spirit. This is known as shapeshifting. It is known that the spirit form of Seraphim angels are "fiery serpents." This can indicate that fallen angels also enter into to mankind to take over the the flesh permanently.

The fact is that the fallen spirit world is invading human hosts to destroy our society from within. Like maggots they are working hard to alter our society to function only around sex and witchcraft. These entities are all around us affecting our lives even on a personal level. Think of it as an invasion of the body snatchers. The spirit parasites are among us in human form and mingling with us. They can be your spouse, doctor, pastor, friend, political leader, and so on and so on. They may shake your hand with one hand while the other holds a knife.

On a personal level they can make your life hell as a Christian and a believer in Jesus Christ. They can be your boss that does his best to stress you out. They can be a husband that gets drunk and beats the wife. They can be the wife that sleeps with all the husband's friends. What is worse is that they can be a pastor of your church that slowly introduce new age concepts into your church or even homosexuality. Like vampires they can steal your energy and drain you dry until you are a stressed out nervous wreak.

Once we are broken down we communicate less with God making the situation even worse. Who wants to sit and meditate on God when one just wants to scream. They attack us on all sides. Maybe you are driving home burned out from a bad day at work when some jerk cuts you off on the road home. Then that person begins to rant and swear at you. This is a form of demonic attack that almost always is never seen for what it is. Watch and observe how perfectly timed these attacks are!

These non-humans also run corporations who put out toxic products whose sole purpose is the destroy our health and well being. School boards and local government are filled with human looking entities that want to teach and introduce your children to homosexuality and perverted sex. Their main push right now is to get the deeply satanic book called Harry Potter into all the churches and schools the best they can. These non-humans have also succeeded in getting pornography on family time TV by calling it documentaries.

Our child are being exposed to sex 24/7 through soft porn videos, magazines, rock and roll lyrics, TV commercials, and on and on. While we go to church and sing happy songs to Jesus, these non-humans are working night and day to destroy our children. Now we are seeing children as young as 10 having sex while drinking and doing drugs. So called sex education classes introduce them to all form of perverted sex. Right now sex acts with fecal matter has become very popular with the teens.

What is taking place right now is spiritual warefare which is at an all time high right now. What are the churches doing about it. Not much. In fact they are even joining up with the dark forces. More and more churches are seeing Harry Potter as a Christ like figure because he is fighting the forces of evil. Such delusion!

Now you may ask if as Christians can we be possessed or become a Walk-in host? Absolutly no! Our spirit is strong because we have the Spirit of Christ in us. He has redeemed our spirit. Our spirit is no longer dead, but made alive in Christ! "Greater is He who is in us than he who in the world."

Some find this hard to believe that this is true since they see Christians do demonic things. Well if this is true, then who says these people are really Christian? We can't see inside the container. As Christians it is foolish to pray for these beings thinking they will come to Christ since the Bible refers to them as vessels (containers) of wrath fitted for destruction Romans 9:22. Salvation is only for humans and not non-humans. So how does one tell the difference? Listen to what they say and the way they act as well as praying for deep discernment. There is a difference between doing bad things, and simply being cruel.

These beings are VERY cruel and very self-centered and only pretend to care about us while they manipulate us. Sometimes you can feel the evil off of them so much that you can almost hear the air crackle around them. I don't care how nice a person is, if you have a bad feeling about them, that is the Holy Spirit warning you. Don't be fooled by their pleasant personalities because they are very good at hiding who they really are! Some of the kindest and most wonderful people I have known in my turned out to be pure evil.

I guess we can not stop it now, be we can sure make and effort to protect our children and learn how to not be manipulated by the forces of evil. We can also learn how to recognize the non-humans around us and not give them any power over us. The most important thing of all though is that we work harder than ever on our relationship with Jesus Christ. We must force ourselves to read our Bible everyday and to at least pray once a day. Always remember that we are at war with spirits who hide behind flesh, behind flashy smiles, and smooth talk. Look beyond the flesh and you will see the spirits we have to battle with.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph 6:12

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