How to deal with the Fallen Among Us
-June 8th 2005-

The fallen among us are not here to change and grow spiritually. They are here to manipulate, control, and make our lives miserable and full of ruin. They pretend to love us yet hurt and manipulate us at the same time. They are bitter hateful people pretending to have our best interests at heart. The only time they are nice is when they have an agenda or want something from you and are totally self-absobed.

Often the fallen are broken sorrowful people. I used to think these people were close to the Lord because they were sensitive and appeared to have feelings. This is simply not true. Though their tears they manipulate us even more! They mentally push us to the limit and then when we yell at them, they instantly play the victim. "How come you're so angry?" They like to pretend that you are the loose cannon. They cry for the bad things they do to us, but yet they keep doing the same hurtful things over and over again! Tears only go so far.

Many are passive aggressive. If you do not play by their rules they passively get back at you by burning your toast in the morning or "accidentally" dropping your eggs on the floor. You get really angry because you know them so well and you know it was done on purpose. You may then loose it and shout at them. At this time they instantly go on about how it was just an accident, and then make you look like you are an angry and out of control brute. Then they use this to manipulate all your friends and loved ones against you while making themselves look like the victim.

The fallen are very cold and are good at pretending to care. One fellow I know was going on and on about his headaches. I then said I know what you mean. I just got over a major one. Instantly he dropped the subject because he couldn't care less.We was very ticked off when the subject did not revolve around him. With the fallen it is all about them, and they are very poor listeners even though they pretend to care. Like a spider to a fly they pretend to care so that they can get closer to you. Once they do, that's it. They wrap you up and suck the life forces out of you!

Others may use or include anger in their manipulation. Step out of line and they go ballistic. At this point one goes along to get along. Like a trained dog you jump through their hoops because you do not want to make them angry. Many people find it hard to speak up for themselves so they get trapped into this cycle of control.

The fallen among us are bitter, angry, jealous, and sorrowful people that hate everyone around them. They are the gods of their world and they manipulate us to serve their own selfish emotional needs. All thy want to do is to tell us how to run our lives according to their "perfect" example. You are never allowed to disagree or think for yourself. They want us to agree with everything they say and to stroke their shallow eagles and they love to hear themselves whine. One may go on and on about how somebody they knew fell on their stereo and broke it. They will hold a grudge against the person forever because they are petty and vindictive. A person like this may whine on and on about the broken stereo, but if you offer them a solution like paying for it to be fixed, they then jump off the subject. They do not want advice or solutions. They just want to hear themselves whine.

If I have a cat and I tell it to never chase or hurt birds, I then feel that the garden birds are safe from harm. But then one day a bird flies past my cat and he grabs and kills it. My cat then cries big crocodile tears saying how sorry he is and swears it will never happen again. I feel sorry for the cat and forgive him, but then the very next day I find another dead bird in the garden. No matter how many manipulative tears the cat cries he is NEVER going to change. As I say the fallen among us are not here to change. The only they know is how to hurt us and make our lives a living hell.

Because we have real feelings we forgive them. Well if they really felt sorry for what they do, they would change. If they do not change, then it is all heartless manipulation on their part. A wife that gets beaten by a drunken husband may forgive him hundreds of times if need be, but this only gives the husband even more power and control over her. She may say things like, "Inside he is just a scared little boy who needs me. He cried the last time I said I was leaving him for good. He cried like a baby and told me how sorry he was for all the pain he brought me." My question to her would be, has he changed? "No but he swears he will change. He says he loves me and can't live without me. I am afraid he will take his own life if I ever leave him." This woman is under complete mind control.

If this woman goes to her Pastor and asks what can be done, she may be told that she must stay with her husband because through her sacrifice, her husband may come to the Lord, and she must show him the love of Jesus. This is the teaching of bondage! When it comes to doctrine I study what Jesus had to say, and there is no way he would ever demand that a woman like this stay and live in bondage and cruelty of her husband! As for the husband geting saved, well salvation is only for human beings, and not fallen spirits that steal our forms.

We all need to spot these human imposters and remove them from our lives and carry on. If you are dealing with a angry controller then scream back at them. Suddenly they realize that it is far too much trouble and effort to try and control you. Most times they will back down and become sheepish. Wolves always attack the weakest prey first and ignore the ones that will fight back hard. With big tears in their eyes they may say, "but I love you!" After they disrupt your life this is supposed to make it all better?

The fallen around us are emotional vampires sucking the joy out of our lives and replacing it with stress, guilt, and depression. If you feel guilty or sorry for them, they then have you in their web. And then it is just a matter of time before they suck all the life force from your body. As I say you need to cut them from your life, but this is hard to do when they are related to you. It is then you need to take control of your life and stand against them if it is not a physically abusive situation. If it is physical abuse then get out. Do not fall for all the tears when they say, "But I love you. I can't live without you. I will change. If you leave me I will kill myself." If this is the case then say, "If you really love me, you would of changed by now."

All in all just remember one thing. Do not fall for the tears!


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