The Secrets of Casting Spells

The Secrets of Casting Spells Meditation is to pick a word or a phrase and simply repeat the sound over and over again. The practice is like watching a pendulum swing back and forth over and over while undergoing hypnosis. Thus meditation is a type of hypnosis.

Anything can be used as Mantra, same as anything can be used in place of the swinging pendulum. Techniques given to Pacific Islanders and the American Indians use the repetition of beating drums to achieve the same results. Yet who is in control of the self-hypnotized mind when these methods are used? Many teachers give Mantras that are actual names of spirits.

In his younger days, Maharishi Mahesh Yoga publicly admitted that chanting his Mantras are way to summon the spirits. Because of western objections, they are now called "Spiritual Forces" or Energies. Vibrations. Yet proof is found visiting India where you may see your Mantra written on a shopkeeper's wall for the purpose of receiving protection from that spirit. Meditators are therefore calling on the gods BY NAME during meditation.

These spirit creatures come into their minds during chanting the Mantra time and take control of their minds! Know that unity with Natural Law is unity with pagan gods. Know that quiet inner voice is of demonic origin speaking from within. Every culture has their own god or gods with many techniques for making contact. From the normal thinking state of mind, without effort, you enter into the non-thinking state of pure consciousness. This is where all thoughts have ceased. (No doubt the same as the hypnotized state of mind.) You are given a single thought or rhythm to focus on, perhaps a Mantra, and told to repeat over and over until you enter the hypnotic state of pure consciousness.

At this point your thoughts have ceased. You are not even thinking the Mantra any longer. The mental pendulum has served its purpose. Your mind is now cleared, void of all individual thoughts and open to ANY suggestion. Your intellectual powers, your ability to discern and make decisions based on reason, has been turned off. You are now open for possession. Who is in control of your hypnotized state of mind after meditation? Some claim meditators are in greater control of their mind. However, they can't be in control with their thoughts turned off.

Others claim a collective-consciousness or society makes the suggestions. Perhaps indirectly, yet who directs society? If a god's name is chanted, a particular spirit has been summoned to come into their mind and enter society through them. Thus a spirit becomes most in control. What if another word or technique is used? Remember any type of repetition can achieve the same state.

In these cases, any spirit close by or most in tune with that individuals' mind is most likely to gain control. In every case, a god or gods can now operate from within and manipulate society using them as a mediator. Mystics become like a gateway, a channel for the spirits to come through and have their alien effect on our world. After summoning spirits through meditation, Sidhas are now ready to begin a more advanced technique.

Sutra is a word or phrase of action addressed to those spirits requesting the performance that Sutra in behalf of the Sidha. Examples of Sutras are "Peace on Earth" and "Show Compassion". After meditation, they begin repeating a series of Sutras at regular intervals addressed in the presence of their summoned god(s) to perform that action for them. In effect, they timidly start begging the spirits to fulfill desires. That is how their advanced program works. How disgraceful. What a humiliating way to achieve ones desires!

Now understood, magic should no longer be called magic but science, actually a super-technology operating from within the magician. We do not know all the technical aspects the spirits are using on the human mind, but we now have a basic understanding. We now have enough knowledge to make any mystic with good intentions renounce these practices immediately. Stop what you are doing NOW! COPY AND PASS AROUND

Article from Rick M.

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