Iraq-Battle for Babylon

Does it get anymore obvious what we are dealing with? The reptilians rub it in the church's face and the church still goes into denial. It is clear to every Satanist around the world who is really going after Iraq/Babylon, but the churches are clueless. They still think Bush is his own man and controls the war. Why is it that the churches are completely ignorant and backwards when it comes to the spiritual powers? Why do they ignore the spiritual side of things and only see world politics in physical black and white terms? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

The Bible is very clear when it tells us that Fallen Angels and demons control all nations, so why do they think that this war is only about Bush and Saddam? This is about an attack over one of the most powerful Princes of the fallen angels known as the Prince of Persia. When this Prince spreads his wings and says "jump," Saddam then asks, "How high master?" Bush is seen as a mad dictator, but he is only following orders from a reptilian empire called America, which is taken from the word Ameruca that means Plumed Serpent. Angels in the Bible are referred to as stars. Yes fallen angels are the stars seen on the American flag. The Iraq war is a spiritual battle that is attempting to dethrone one of the most powerful fallen angels in the world and to take over his kingdom of Babylon. The reptilians of America/Ameruca and England are now at war with Prince of Persia.

All Snake-Eyes head towards Baghdad All eyes head towards Baghdad

By Helen Studd


Soldiers from one of Britain's most illustrious regiments added a splash of colour to their uniforms by adopting Snake-eye goggles as they started war training yesterday. Members of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, including 19-year-old tank driver Carl Thomas, above, were allowed to wear their own hologram protective eyewear during exercises in Bergen-Hohne in Germany. The 40 reflective 3D goggles, which are designed for motorcyclists, have become a fashionable accessory, but they will not be seen on the battlefield.

A Defence Ministry spokesman said: "Beer is cheap in Germany and our soldiers have a lot of their budget left to spend on other things. Although in a real battle they would probably attract the enemy so could not be worn, there is no reason why they should not enjoy them in training." source:,,2-551012,00.html

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