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The "A" in a circle is the symbol of anarchy. Notice how the "A" is in fact a pyramid with a star representing the all seeing eye of Horus. And not the wings of the Fallen Angels on the circle. Very interesting to see the Dodge corporation promote their santanic brothers at http://www.dodge.com/legends/home.html

Does singing star Eve
have a familiar symbol?

The goats head is
a symbol of satan

Rock Group Led Zeppelin. Here Jimmy Page shows the Red Dragon on his pants.

Led Zeps logo is a Fallen Angel. Is the angel going up or falling down?

This speaks for itself!


Here we see the rock group Van Halen logo. What it is is an upside down pyramid on a band of gold indicating who they are married to.

Satan is the Red Dragon who is soon to come in the form of the Beast/Antichrist. Satan is also called in scripture the shining one. Notice the message here is that the Shining One is coming from a golden "pyramid" of light. The same theme is found in the other movies below.

Notice the subliminal cross on the Dragonfly cover. In the Luciferian world of the Illuminati, the antichrist is known as the the Great One or The One who is to Come. Notice above how he comes from the Luciferian light of evil. The Red Dragon has the reptillian eyes in the horns.The above posters show that the antichrist is coming from the Red Dragon, the Sea, and the Illuminati bloodline.

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea..."
Rev 13:1

The Pepsi Red cloaked One is coming. See the one world New World Order subliminal in the lower left corner. Little Red Riding Hood was never like this!

Reptilian eye of MSNBC. On the cover for the movie Red Dragon, one can plainly see the "reptillian eyes" of the goat head in the background.

Two Towers or Twin Towers of 9-11

A Christian band?

Note the three hidden sixes in the name with an occult symbol in the middle. Notice too the hexagrams
with the santanic pointed stars on their cult orange colored joggers.
For information on the King James occult symbol
Click Here

xXx The Movie

Notice the Eye of Horus in the Sun tattoo?
X is the letter 6. What we have is 666.

Clint Eastwood = 13 letters
Blood Work = 9 letters

Both add to 22. 22 is 2 x 11. 11 is the antichrist.
the 11th horn to come. He will come from a pure santanic bloodline
known as the Merovingian bloodline of the Iluminati.
No wonder the movie is called Blood Work.

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