A Study of Correlation Between Types and Characteristics of Anomalous Beings

By Wm. Michael Mott

Copyright ©2001, Wm. Michael Mott

1. AMBASSADORS FROM HELL The 1542 manuscript, Cabeza de Vaca's "Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America," contains an account which may sound more than a little familiar to the modern fortean or ufo researcher.

In the 1530s and 40s, the Spaniard Cabeza de Vaca and his conquistadores, following the Mississippi River as they explored the North American interior, came into contact with many Native American tribes of varying dispositions, ranging from hostile to friendly. Upon meeting and befriending the Avavares, possibly in the vicinity of the Ozarks or further westward, the Spaniards were told a most unusual tale by their hosts.

According to the Indians, approximately sixteen years earlier the region had been visited by another "bearded" character of unusual aspect. This fellow was called by the Indians "Badthing," or "Malacosa," an accurate appellation given his proclivities. Even though bearded, his facial features were "never seen clearly" or where otherwise indistinct or else clouded and concealed from perception or memory; "he" invaded Indian homes by night, accompanied by a "bright light," and the hair of the inhabitants would "stand on end." Apparently paralyzed against resisting, the poor tribes-people would stand helpless, as, armed with a "blazing brand" or wand of some sort, the creature would rush inside and perform intrusive surgeries upon its victims. This ranged from abdominal intrusions and taking of intestinal samples, to incisions or perhaps partial amputations of arms and legs, which would then been surgically stitched or otherwise repaired. Apparently, as is the case with modern UFO abductions and medical procedures, anesthetic was not a part of the program.

The androgynous ambiguity of this creature was not lost on the Indians, for they said that during this season of visitation, "Mr. Badthing" would appear in the midst of their feasts and celebrations, dressed alternately as an Indian man or woman, which raises the question of a possible quest for genetic material based on seduction. The Indians offered "him" food, but he never ate; they inquired as to his place of origin, and "Badthing" pointed to a nearby crevice in the ground and told them that his home was there, in the regions below.

The Spaniards laughed at the account of the barbarian bogey-man, until the Indians brought forward numerous people who still bore the visible scars of the intrusive or amputation and reattachment surgeries.

Shocked, de Vaca and his men informed the Native Americans that the creature, whom the Indians still greatly feared, was diabolical in nature, but as long as the Christian Spaniards were their guests, "it" would not return, nor be able to inflict injuries as it had done previously. The Indians were greatly overjoyed at this news, and the Spaniards then instructed them in the rudiments of Christian theology before departing.

Who or what was this "Mr. Badthing," or "Señor Malacosa?" Like many modern UFOnauts who perform intrusive surgical procedures, he or it was androgynous or, more likely, sexless, its visitations accompanied by a "bright light," and "electrical sensation," a form of paralysis in the victim, the use of a glowing "wand" or baton, and the taking of tissue or genetic samples. Recent human mutilations, particularly a well-documented case in Brazil, found the victim to have been somehow disemboweled completely through a tiny incision near the navel. The similarities to "Mr. Badthing" are more than coincidental, they are nearly identical. Another interesting point is that the location where all of this occurred may be approximately the area near Cushman, Arkansas, near the final home of Richard S. Shaver, and the place where inner-earth researcher Charles Marcoux met his unusual death from yellow-jackets encountered deep with a cave. This happened as he made an attempt to explore "Blowing Cave," an alleged entrance to the underworld realm.

Some recent UFOlogical researchers have pointed out a preponderance of UFO abductions among people of whole or partial Native American descent. Whether this is related at all to the predatory habits of "Mr. Badthing" has yet to be proven, and as his intrusions parallel those of strange underworld and UFO creatures as recorded all over the world, perhaps the case should just serve as an example of how ongoing and intrusive the phenomena has always been.

In our present day, Argentina has been visited by a cave-originating representative of a super-dense, immensely strong hair-covered dwarf or imp-like race, which they newspapers call "El Diablito," or "The Little Devil." This little creep terrorizes children, pets, and policemen, picks up cars, and grunts, snarls and so forth. He also apparently attacked or approached a policeman and threatened to "take him to hell." Upon which the cop apparently left the scene. El Diablito is also credited with besting two full-sized military sentries and tossing one up into a tree.

Of course hairy dwarfs or dwarves are nothing new to UFOlogy or to folklore, but while the Latinos consider him to be an "imp" or "diablito," in terms of appearance and density, strength, and so forth, he more closely fits the Norse description of the dark elves, or the Germanic Nibelungs.

The dero similarity is fairly obvious, as well, as they were often described by Richard Shaver as being "dwarfish" or stunted. The UFO connection ties in with all of these traditions, of course, as the Scandinavian/Teutonic underworld dwarf was a maker of "marvelous" or magical (technological) items, such as contrivances for carrying the gods around (vehicles), weapons like Thor's hammer Mjolnir, Tyre's "mechanical" or artificial hand, and other marvelous treasures.

The "hairy dwarf" UFOnauts do seem to be mostly a Latin American phenomena, although "dwarfish" hairy entities, sometimes called "monsters," have been reported over the years in caves or other underground areas, all over the world. As reported by Timothy Green Beckley in his book "THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH" (Gray Barker Books., 1967., pp. 61-62), and also by the late Charles Marcoux, similar entities were encountered near McCallester, Oklahoma, at the site of an ancient hill or mound, which of course would immediately equate to fairies, elves, trolls and the like in the Old World.

This mound or hill had been the location of many mysterious livestock mutilations, mysterious noises and cries, and the like. The elderly farmer who owned the land considered the hill to be possessed or haunted by evil spirits.

In search of adventure and rumored treasure, three brave fellows decided to check out the hill for themselves. After a bit of searching, they located a small entrance, which they enlarged sufficiently to permit passage. Making their way within, they discovered a large chamber along with a seemingly bottomless shaft, descending into the depths of the Earth. This shaft was surrounded by a spiral staircase of a scale fit for giants.

The three men carefully descended the staircase for hours, until their flashlights began to grow dim. The decided to return to the surface, but as they neared the entrance they were attacked from behind-i.e., from the region of the pit-by a pack of hairy, four and five-foot tall humanoid creatures. These things attacked with claws and teeth, snarling like animals, and managed to latch onto one of the men as the other two escaped. At this point, and as so often happens with discovered entrances to the underworld realm, a cave-in occurred at the entrance, trapping the embattled man inside. Fortunately, he had had the foresight to bring along a .45 caliber handgun, which he used against his assailants. This did not kill them, as they seemed possessed of an unnatural density, but it did slow them down as the bullets apparently "hurt."

Fortunately, his friends quickly dug the entrance clear, and pulled their companion out. To their shock, he was covered with what they described as "yellow blood," a type of ichor from the injured entities inside the hill. After this adventure, the three joined the army to fight in the Korean War, and never returned, as planned, to take up where they had left off.

Researcher Charles Marcoux visited the site many years later, and reported that the entrance was totally closed by "break-down," the rubble of a cave-in.

As recently as April of 1998, in Pisac, Peru, the strangely-mutilated bodies of two people were reported anonymously to the police (Policia Nacional del Peru, or PNP), who found two unidentified dead men with "all of their muscles exposed and not a single gram of fat on them." In other words, Liposuction from Hell.

Local Indians and others no doubt nodded knowingly. Such a "predatory humanoid" has been known for centuries throughout the Andes, where it is called "pishtaco," or "lik'ichiri." One tribe of Indians, the Aguaruna, believe that these creatures are "half-gringos" or pale in color, live in caves, shun sunlight, and suck the body fat from their victims, as well as sometimes "butchering" people like livestock for their flesh and blood.

Are the "pishtacos" symbolic memories of the Spanish conquerors, who worked the local people literally to death at times? Or are they relatives or representatives of the same race or species of intrusive beings from which sprang "Mr. Badthing?" And do "symbolic memories" murder grown men in our "modern" era, skin them, and drain all of the subcutaneous and other fat from their bodies?

Probably not.

2. HAIRY, HAIRY, QUITE CONTRARY The ruin known as Hal Salfini, on Malta, is among the most ancient and mysterious subterranean sites or structures in the world. Apparently neolithic or even older, the "temple-complex," complete with a buried oracle-chamber from which a speaker could project the demanding voice of a god or goddess throughout the entire complex, is officially composed of three levels. Excavators of the site, in the early 1900s, removed the sacrificed and apparently cannibalized remains of over 30,000 people. The remains of these unfortunate souls had piled up over untold centuries.

According to researcher Riley Crabb, Director of Borderland Sciences Research Associates, and as detailed in his printed 1960s lecture "The Reality of the Underground," the remains of these people were of normal human type and stature. This did not explain the many tiny tunnels, carved from solid rock, which led away from the main, "upper" yet still subterranean chambers, and down and away into darkness. These tunnels are only a few feet in height, and would have been utilized by beings of extremely small stature. Yet there are rumors of and evidence for other types of beings lurking beneath Hal Salfini, and perhaps the entire island of Malta. In addition to the small tunnels, others of larger size, long-since covered or blocked off, once led away into subterranean catacombs and caverns.

According to Richard Walter's article "Wanderers Awheel in Malta," as featured in the August 1940 National Geographic, and as reprinted by Crabb in his lecture, "Years ago one could walk underground from one end of Malta to the other, but all entrances were closed by the government because of a tragedy. On a sight-seeing trip, comparable to a nature study tour in our own (American) schools, a number of elementary school children and their teachers descended into the tunneled maze and did not return. For weeks mothers declared that they heard wailing and screaming from underground, but numerous excavations and searching parties brought no trace of the lost souls. After three weeks they were finally given up for dead."

In 1935 two schoolteachers, leading a large group of elementary students on an "educational" outing, decided to explore the catacombs and caverns beneath Hal Salfini. According to witnesses, "as the last student turned the corner…the rope was clean cut." This "accident" was followed by a sudden "cave-in" which completely sealed the tunnel into which they'd gone.

While "caving" or spelunking accidents occur regularly, this event was preceded by another a few days earlier which put the entire matter into a different perspective. As related to Riley Crabb by a Miss Lois Jessup, and recounted as follows in "The Reality of the Underground:"

"What's down there?" she asked the guide, pointing to a small opening off the walls. "Go there at your own risk, and you won't go far," he replied. This was a challenge Lois couldn't pass up. She talked it over with her friends. Two of them decided to stay with Joe. The other three summoned up enough courage to explore with her. "I was wearing a dress with a long sash that day and as I decided to lead the group I asked the fellow behind me to hold onto it. So, with half-burnt candles in our hands the four of us started through that low, narrow passage, groping and laughing our way through. " I cam out first, of course, onto a ledge pathway only two feet wide, with a sheer drop of fifty feet or more on my right and the wall on my left.

I took a step forward, keeping close to the rock wall side. The person behind me, still holding on to my sash, was still in the tunnel. "I held my candle higher and peered down into the abyss, thinking that with this dangerous drop it was better not to go on further without a guide. Then I saw about twenty persons of giant stature emerge from an opening deep below me. They were walking in single file along another narrow ledge down below. Their height I judged to be about twenty to twenty-five feet, since their heads came up about half way on the wall on the opposite side of the cave. They walked very slowly, taking long strides. Then they all stopped, turned and raised their heads in my direction. All simultaneously raised their arms and with their hands beckoned to me.

The movement was something like snatching or feeling for something, as the palms of their hands were turned down." By this time her friends back in the passage were becoming impatient of the delay. There was a tug at the sash. "Go on. We're all getting stuck in here. What's the matter?" "Well," stammered Lois, "there's nothing much to see." She took another hesitant step forward, her candle in her right hand, her left hand against the cold rock for support. but it wasn't on a cold rock wall, it was on something damp and wet, AND IT MOVED! "Then a strong wind came from nowhere and blew my candle out! Now I really WAS scared in the darkness. I yelled to the others, "GO BACK! GO BACK! Guide me with my sash. I can't see!" "They pulled me back into the low tunnel and we backed up all the way along the passage into the larger room." Lois was relieved to see her friends and Joe, the guide, again. "Did you see anything?" one of them replied. "No, my candle went out," she replied with finality. "There was a strong draft in there." "Let's go," said Joe, looking at Lois, and she returned his glance eye for eye.

She knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that at one time Joe had also seen those giants. There was an expression of caution in his glance which held her to silence. "Out in the hot Malta sunshine again we thanked our guide and as we tipped him Joe said to me: "If YOU really are interested in exploring further it would be wise to join a group. There is a schoolteacher who is going to take a party exploring soon." Lois left her address with him, suggesting that he have the schoolteacher get in touch with her; but she never heard any more of it.

Some few days later one of the friends of the Hal Salfini excursion called her on the phone. "Remember that tunnel you wanted to explore in the Hypogaeum?" Well, it says here in the local paper that a schoolmaster and thirty students went exploring and apparently got as far as we got. They were roped together, with the end of the rope tied to the opening of the cave. As the last student turned the corner where your candle blew out the rope was clean cut. None of the party was found because the walls caved in." Miss Jessup was shocked by the news, but it only strengthened her own resolve to say nothing of what she had seen and felt that unforgettable day in Hal Salfini.

Some months later her sister came to Malta on a visit, and insisted on touring the famous Hypogaeum. Reluctantly, Lois went along, retracing the same route but this time with a different guide! She awaited that fateful opening with a dread expectancy as they worked their way through the corridors and rooms to the lowest level. The entrance to the tunnel was boarded up! So giant, hairy humanoids, described long before "sasquatch" and his various relatives became the center of tempest-in-theoretical-teapot debates among hominid postulators who ignore an underworld connection (largely out of realization that there own theories may have to be modified), were seen and described in detail by a frightened young woman. A few days later, a large group of children and at least two adults disappeared in the SAME cavern, forever. "Surely," the renowned cryptozoologist may pontificate, "if these creatures were actually seen, then they represent an unknown hominid which is wholly part of the natural (i.e., 'surface') world. They can be handily categorized, fit into neat bestiaries of our own devising, and explained away. They are not seen over-running Malta in their full, towering, twenty-foot height, because they only come out at night and crawl around on their bellies in order to avoid detection."

According to Crabb, Miss Jessup described these subterranean beings in the following manner, her description embellished with Crabb's own interpretation of their nature: Actually, Lois found the giants of the cave hard to describe because of their covering which seemed to be like long white hair, combed downward and shaggy looking. Their heads were unusually elongated at chin and top with large features, and the hair on their heads fell about the shoulders like a draped monk's cowl. Lois found the Heindel drawings exciting because "the currents in the desire body" sketches were the first to resemble in any way the cave dwellers she saw on Malta. Nor does her description of them correspond to Shaver's Deros, hideous dwarfs or trolls who might very well have carved that portion of Hal Salfini now open to the public. this conflict in sizes and types very well illustrates the point I made earlier, that the underworld is peopled with beings of many sizes, shapes and varying degrees of density, from the completely physical to the completely invisible. Which leads to our next section.

3. THE PROBLEM OF DENSITY Adjustable or varying density seems to be a trait or ability shared by apparitions, unknown humanoids, and some "cryptid" creatures. UFOnauts are said by witnesses to be able to "alter" their own physical density, pass through solid walls and doors, yet also become completely physical when they wish or need to be so. In 1987, a group of Russian cosmonauts aboard Salyut 7 reported to their mission commanders that they had been visited while in space by gigantic, nebulous beings, which they called "angels." These beings, beside whom the cosmonauts and their vessel were but insects, smiled benignly, enigmatically, and perhaps somewhat amusedly at the tiny human interlopers into space. Vladimir Solevev, Oleg Atkov and Leonid Kizim went on record as saying, "What we saw were seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of angels." Of course, traditionally "angels" can alter their density at will, becoming solid and visible, solid and invisible, or ethereal and visible, as the mood strikes them. When taking on a human form, as in Old Testament accounts, they are approximately of human size and apparent density. UFO entities are often described in similar terms.

According to Bill Moore and Charles Berlitz, the late paranormal researcher Gerald Light was invited to a top-secret meeting at Edwards Airforce Base in 1954. Here, apparently for the sake of eliciting an opinion from him, Light was shown a variety of captured "alien" aeroforms or craft, as well as some of the entities who were "instructing" the military in their operation. According to a letter from Light, written to researcher Meade Layne of Borderland Sciences Research Institute (and reported by Berlitz and Moore in their book, The Roswell Incident), these beings were capable of altering their physical density at will, as well as their visibility. He referred to them as "etherians." They could appear as solid and "real" as a human being, or "fade away" by degrees. One section of the letter expresses Light's horror or shock at seeing these beings for himself, and the effect of their reality on the usually unflappable military men around him: '"To watch strong minds flinch before totally irreconcilable aspects of "science" is not a pleasant thing. I had forgotten how commonplace such things as the "dematerialization" of solid objects had become to my own mind.

The coming and going of an etheric, or spirit, body has been so familiar to me these many years I had just forgotten that such a manifestation could snap the mental balance of a man not so conditioned. I shall never forget those forty-eight hours at Muroc!"' Previously in the letter, Light refers to these "other" humanoids in the following manner: "During my two days visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our air-force officials-with the assistance and permission of the Etherians! I have no words to express my reactions."' The key term here is etherians, but the ability to manifest in a "solid" physical form does not go unnoticed. Many entities, from the recent evil dwarf in Argentina called "El Diablito," to El Chupacabras, the "Hopkinsville Goblins," the Jersey Devil, and a wide variety of hairy humanoids of many sizes and descriptions, exhibit characteristics of extreme density, invulnerability to shotgun-blasts, bullets, shovels, vehicle impact, and other blows, and an unnatural strength or musculature which seems to enable abnormally high jumps, leaps, bounds, or speeds. This strength also enables them to rip into animal pens as if they are made of paper, or to escape any confines or snares which are set for them.

If examined logically, this variation of density becomes a clear characteristic of at least some anomalous entities, although not of all. If, as evidence overwhelmingly indicates, "El Diablito" and El Chupacabras, as well as many of the others mentioned, have a deep subterranean or "cavern-world" origin, then this increased density and strength may be due to an origin or ongoing habitation at pressures much greater than those which exist in the surface world. So where do the other, less "animal-like" beings, specifically angels and UFO entities, tie in? Unlike the others, they seem to be able to alter their physical density, vibratory level, or distance between their constituent atoms at will. This may very well be an attribute of beings of "spirit," but they are also physical when it suits them to be so.

Reflecting upon the giant angels as seen and sworn to by the cosmonauts, one has to note that, in an area of almost zero pressure and far from the Earth's most powerful electromagnetic and gravitational pulls, these beings were "greatly expanded" in size. Could it be that, upon reaching the surface of the planet, whether in a visible or invisible state, they would be naturally "compressed" to human size in some way, perhaps due to the electromagnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth? Conversely, is the super-hard or seemingly preternatural density, impervious nature, and excessive strength of more animalistic entities evidence of their subterranean origin at higher pressures, or nearer to a deep region of greater magnetic or gravitational force?

Some beings are apparently capable of altering their density at will, and these types seem to be initiators of encounters, the intentional interlopers and manipulators of human lives. The other category of entity seem to be types of purely physical creatures, yet evidence would seem to indicate that these beings may very well be in the service or at the beck-and-call of those with more "spiritual" density-altering abilities, and almost certainly of some sort of subterranean origin. The same can be said, perhaps, of other humanoid races or specie, particularly those who are interested in human and livestock genetics and flesh.

When anomalous entities are examined in the light of the foregoing theory, scientific reality and common sense seem to merge with the mystical or the outré, to present an explanation which reconciles these things to our own physical reality. If this "variable density," or even organic densities different from our own are maintained, controlled, or otherwise affected by electromagnetic fields, or the EM field of the Earth itself, then this would explain much in terms of traditional beliefs about such beings. In many folk traditions around the world, iron is believed to have a particular efficacy against the influence of underworld beings. This is as true in Celtic and British folklore as it is in some Japanese and other accounts.

Much of this data is discussed in HIDDEN NEIGHBORS, which is a section in the book Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures. After careful consideration of some of these accounts and beliefs, and taking into account many apparent electromagnetic connections which exist in regard to hauntings, UFO activity, ley lines, "places of power," and so forth, it seems that perhaps iron has a disruptive effect upon electrical or electromagnetic fields and the stability of some degrees of density which are utilized by the more "etheric" beings. When one considers that we are all, in effect, electromagnetic creatures, this makes some degree of sense.

The Highland Scots, Gaelic Irish, and the Norse were especially aware of this connection, and it's mentioned by Robert Kirk in The Secret Commonwealth, wherein which he in fact states that not only iron, but some "ultimate lodestone" in some depth of the north is most greatly feared by the "subterraneans." Does the electromagnetic field of the Earth present an underlying explanation or connection which provides a logical "unifying field" for things like telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, reincarnation, and so on? We know that the human brain is a radio transmitter and receiver which is also highly electromagnetic in nature and activity; the most powerful naturally-occurring electromagnetic field that we know of, and which we all bathe in constantly, is that of the Earth itself. Some "hauntings" are thought to be imprints or recordings of extremely emotional events in the environment, and this is an electromagnetic phenomenon which has often been measured with electronic equipment. Perhaps "ghosts," perceived "memories" of reincarnation, and "insight" or clairvoyance are all recordings, "stored data," or accessing of information which is naturally held in the electromagnetic field ("akashic record") of the Earth.

By the same token, "places of power," mystical locations, ley lines, vortices, and so forth all are distinguished by a much higher-than-normal electromagnetic field. This concept doesn't negate any clairvoyant knowledge, experience or even a reincarnation memory in any way, but perhaps people who are of such a sensitive, "receiver" nature can consciously or subconsciously "load the data," which is stored somehow in the electromagnetic-physical matrix of the planet, as their own and replay it nearly perfectly. This may be due to something distinctive to their brain structure, and may part of the reason that UFOnauts, fairies, elves, succubi, incubi, and other beings exhibit interest in specific racial or cultural groups. Often these groups are those who exhibit higher-than-average extrasensory or precognitive abilities, which the Highland Gaels of Scotland called "the Sight." There seems little doubt that "things of spirit," and of some things which are connected to "spiritual" mysteries and anomalous entities, exhibit some sort of electromagnetic connection. The "disruptive" power of iron on subterranean "fairies," the alleged interest of modern UFOnauts or "reptoids" for sources of natural magnetism or high-voltage power-lines, and other mysteries may be brought into a more logical perspective if we view ourselves all as being rather like programs and subroutines which "run" on the electromagnetic (multi-dimensional) and physical hard-drive of a spinning dynamo that we call the Earth.

This perception of other regions on the electromagnetic spectrum may also explain some aspects of abduction experiences, out-of-body experiences, and "astral" travel. Lucid dreams which take on an "astral" tone may also be due to one's brain tapping into another spectrum of reality which exists on, or possibly within, our planet. George Wagner of Cincinnati, Ohio, relates the following dream: "Although I've not had an "old hag" experience, I HAVE had a couple or three nightmares that went FAR beyond the usual breed. These experiences were the most terribly frightening I've EVER had, asleep or awake. It was as though I had plugged myself directly into the electric light circuit of evil. A friend asked me how I'd compare the evil of these dreams with, say, an extremely frightening horror movie. I answered that you'd have to multiply by many thousands. '"Look! He SEES the Demon-Bishop!" In the worst of these dreams, I found myself led by people I knew and trusted into a large, almost cavernous room.

A huge and monstrous infant sat in the center of this chamber, an immensely fat baby weighing many tons and at least six feet high even in its seated position. It was naked except for an incredibly filthy diaper and a soiled and stained bishop's miter on its head. The infant held a bishop's crosier. The end of this staff was a human skull which seemed to be alive. The eyes glowed red and the jaw nattered and chittered all sorts of soundless blasphemies. There were also tiny, "living" skulls all over the miter on the baby's head. The crowd which surrounded me worshipped this monstrosity. Huge black flies crawled over the baby's body and circled in festering love-orbits around it. It was STRONGLY impressed upon me that if I too worshipped the baby, I could also become one of these dreadful black flies. [Hey, what a deal!] (This whole tableau struck me as violently as a sledge hammer blow. Waves of evil rushed at me, gushed at me, like lava from a volcano. And the whole scene was filled with a tremendous BUZZING sound.

Ever since this dream I've been certain of one thing: evil BUZZES.) Now the evil became truly unbearable. I KNEW that the God of the Bible, of Jacob and Moses, of Mark and Luke and Paul, was a most impious myth. The Demon-Bishop was indeed God and I must go down on my knees in abject adoration. One knee touched the ground and the other was less than an inch from the surface. I knew that in a second or two I would be damned forever. So I tried to call out to Jesus Christ. But my tongue seemed to fill my entire mouth, so that I could manage nothing more than a croaking "Yedus Ki! Yedus Ki!" '"Listen to him!" the crowd cried out. "He still believes in that moth-eaten old fairy tale!" But "Yedus Ki" heard my prayer and I awoke in bed. My bed seemed to be rolling up in down, like a rowboat passing through rough breakers.

I immediately leaped out of bed, and the entire room seemed to be lurching up and down, like a crazy elevator (I assume this was all an inner-ear disturbance.) My mattress was SOAKED with sweat. I even squeezed drops of water out of it. But I then flopped back into bed, fell immediately asleep, and slept like a baby until morning." The "buzzing" sound which Mr. Wagner relates as being an integral part of his experience, he has also felt at other times when something "unusual" seemed to be occurring. He's not alone; UFO abductions and encounters, out-of-body experiences, "old hag" or "succubus" attacks, and many other strange phenomena are accompanied by sensations of buzzing, vibrating, or even powerful or paralyzing electrical and vibratory sensations. Did George Wagner leave his body, as he seems to think he might have done, and was his consciousness or personality "somewhere else," beneath the ground?

Folkore or religious connections jump out here. First, one of the chieftains of the fallen Seraphim (and perhaps one of the Nephilim or Anunnaki) is the demon Beelzebub (Hebrew "Ba'al zebub," or "Ba'al, Lord of the Flies"), who's traditional title is "LORD OF THE FLIES." Second, Beelzebub is also the demon of GLUTTONY, eating, drinking, and sexual excess. He's often portrayed as either a giant fly, or as an obese, huge creature. This sounds precisely like the thing in George's dream. The 'obese' baby of huge, gluttonous size, controller of all the "flies" who were damned or captured human souls, seems likely to have represented or been no one other than the personality who is traditionally known as Beelzebub.

The "bishop" reference or title would be indicative of a "hierarchy of mockery" which is in place, in which the structure of the Catholic Church is mocked. Apparently George had little knowledge of demonology or related lore at the time of his "dream," and this makes these "coincidences" all the more strange. All of the symbolism simply fits together too perfectly to be "coincidence." George seems to think that this experience has something to do with his proximity to a "window region" for strange phenomena, UFO sightings, unknown creatures, and paranormal activity, the region where Ohio, and heavily-caverned Kentucky and West Virginia come together. Perhaps not coincidentally, this region is also the haunt of "Mothman," the "Hopkinsville Goblins," and other strange beings.

The "disoriented" motion or sensation experienced by George upon awakening is also not unfamiliar to others who have experienced an "altered state" of consciousness, and been abruptly returned to the body. This may imply that the electromagnetic component of the mind which is the "personality," the "soul," or something comparable, is out of alignment with the physical brain when first "pulled back into place." And underlying the entire account is the "buzzing" electromagnetic sensation, a clue at the very least to the nature of the phenomenon, and perhaps a clue to the layered realities of varying densities which are beneath, above, and around us, and always have been. Perhaps "ET" should stand for "Electromagnetically Transmutable," and an "imp" should be called an EMp….
-The End -

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