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-Dec. 2nd 2004-

Jeffrey Keen is a man that came to the conclusion that He is the reincarnation of General John B. Gordon of the Civil war. I think there is some evidence especially as seen with Jeffrey Keen that when demons leave their dead host and enter a new one, the body tends to have the DNA effected making the new host look like the old one. The occult teaches that when reincarnated spirits of fallen angels leave a dead host, the spirit then seeks out a new host. If they have served Satan well, then they will reincarnate to a better Karma. And if they have not served Satan well they are demoted in stature in society.


According to the New Age movement, deserving spirits enter the womb of a host to grow up in our society as if they were humans. They have no memory of their past spirit lives. It is rare that they remember, and if they do, they are considered to be "Ascended Masters" who work hard for the New World Order religion.   Now we know that when Reptilian spirits take over their hosts, the spirit tends to alter the DNA to look more Reptilian. Sometimes they unexpectedly shape shift from a human looking form to Reptilian.

So what we may be seeing with the case of Jeffrey Keen and others is the reincarnation (birthing of fallen angels) into our society. As their numbers grow, society begins to alter for the worst while breaking down. It is my strong belief that today that we have reached a saturation point of birthed demons and hybrid humans. So it it any wonder why in North America we have a culture that revolves around sex and death. All the movies and TV shows are about death and sex now, and not to mention the rise in satanism and witchcraft. The new age of Harry Potter is upon us. Why was Harry Potter a success? Why is because for years children have been indoctrinated into witchcraft through television cartoons created by demonic agendas set forth by the demonic birthing of so called Accended Masters and Walk-ins!

In order for the New World Order to succeed in it's long range plan, it's demonic soldiers have to continue on with the plan for centuries. This is easily done through demonic reincarnation. General Patton was a strong advocate of reincarnation. In fact he felt he was reincarnated from Hannible. Did he retain the memory of who he really was? Did he reincanate to continue on with the plan of the New World Order?

General Patton/Hannible

Notice how much alike they look! As I say, could it be that once entering the womb, the demon spirit then begins to have an effect on the DNA of the fetus making it take on some or all of the features of the demon spirit within?


Clinton/Nero..................................Daniel Morgan/Geroge Bush

................Vladimir Lenin. .....Michael Chertoff United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

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