Free your mind
-Feb. 30th, 2008-


A Dream

I was in a massive office building with two armed men after me. I was in a state of complete fear as they were getting closer me. I ran fast as I ran down the halls. Then there appeared an avatar to guide me. For my frame of reference, he appeared to me as Jesus. He told me to let go and love. He also said to walk and not run. I thought this was madness as the men were gaining fast.
I was told to let go of my fear and keep walking without looking back. The two evil men came up behind as we entered the street outside. I suddenly felt a wave of peace from raising my level of love while purging my fear. The two men stopped yelling and became very confused. In fact their weapons were lowered as they continued to walk behind us.
I began to weep deeply because I felt released from my fear for the first time in my life. I turned to see the two men walking back to the building. I was free at last. Totally free!
Revolution! Free your mind!
1. I refuse to live in fear by living in a state of love.
2. I will not be controlled by fear produced by religion and New World Order (NWO) groups.
3. I will learn and practice love which casts out fear.
4. I realize that the New World Order is gaining on us fast, but I will refuse to acknowledge it and realized they are very desperate and are becoming confused as the people of earth are spiritually waking up. As we grow in love, they are loosing their control over us. The NWO was set to take over in the year 2000, but the people were far more aware of what they were up to, and the NWO plan for the ages got placed on hold.
5. As I learn love, I will abhor violence, because love is a higher frequency that is very powerful, and is proven to change reality. Soon the world will change as we draw closer to the year 2012.
6. I will not be controlled by a fear of what people think of me. I will make it clear to all people what I believe and refuse to live in fear of what they may think. I will believe in what I believe, and will never be intimidated by threats of hell, and the Lake of fire, for not conforming to religious mind control. I will not pretend to be something that I am not in order to please people. I will not go along just to get along.
7. We are free thinking individuals that have the right to believe in whatever we decide is truth.
8. Truth comes from within, and not from outside. In other words, so called truth outside of us can be manipulated, altered, and filled with lies.
9. Love is the only truth.
10. I refuse to debate doctrines of men because love is the only doctrine. Anything or anyone that teaches or preaches anything else other than love is deception from the ultimate truth. Any religion or God that promotes love is a true faith. Any religion or God that promotes fear, is false religion.
11. I refuse to label and condemn people because we are all one. I will never confuse ignorance with evil.
12. I will never condone any nation or world leader that endorses war. I must oppose war by being very vocal against it. I will not condone any church, pastor, religion, world leader, holy scripture, or God that condones war or violence.

We will be who we will be. Change the world with our minds and not violence.


There are no political solutions. Do not seek to change government, change yourself and society from within. The future is changeable and predictions are not cast in stone. The larger the number of people who become aware of these possibilities, the larger the possibility of changing the future towards a more benign outcome. Reality is created by collective thought. You can diffuse and diminish the Dark Side's agenda by freeing yourself of fear and disconnect yourself from influences that promote negative emotions, especially internet articles that leave you hopeless and filled with anxiety (the real purpose behind...unending stream of doom & gloom articles). While I expect the fascist agenda to move forward, I also see signs of cracks in the dam. It's necessary to prepare for future difficulties, but it's also necessary to participate in thwarting the dark side. If you are home bound, then use your mind and ask for help from higher dimensions to change the agenda. Pray and meditate for positive changes.



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