Ritual Sacrifice at 9-11
-Tues. Jan. 18 2004-

"This man (above) does something that is very strange according to medical examiners. He is not thrashing about but actually holding his hands by his side which is very strange. To make it even more strange, the man is diving head first. Also his coat is not blowing around from intense wind which is prevelant in tall buildings." http://stargods.org/WhatsWrongWithThisPicture.htm

Tarrot Card

"When the Hanged Man appears, know that greater wisdom and happiness is at hand, but only if you are prepared to sacrifice something for that wisdom. Sometimes it is something physical you must be deprived of, but in most cases it is a perspective or a viewpoint that must be left behind. For example, a fantasy that you can never fulfill, or a crush on someone who's out of your reach. Inevitably, sacrificing something you value will always lead you to something even more valuable. In the wake of an unattainable dream you will find something else within your reach. Forgetting about one love will allow your heart to open to someone else." http://www.ata-tarot.com/resource/cards/maj12.html

We are at the final phase of mankind and we are now at the doorstep of the Tribulation period of God known as the New World Order and Earth Changes. The antichrist empire will come in the name of peace to destroy all mankind.

Special thanks to Maria for her imput


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